The Unit of Disabled Students at Sinop University; Pursuant to the 8th article of the Regulation on the Consultation and Coordination of Disabled Persons with Higher Education Institutions, published in the Official Gazette No. 26204 dated June 20, 2006, it was established on 24 March 2009 under the presidency of the Health, Culture and Sports Department with the Rectorate.

As, the first paragraph of Article 11 of the “Regulation on Solidarity and Coordination of Persons with Disabilities for Higher Education Institutions” is amended by the regulation published in the Official Gazette no. 28517 and dated 03/01/2013, Sinop University Disabled Students Unit was restructured with the amendments in “Sinop University Disabled Students Unit Directive”, which was adopted with the Senate Decision dated 28/05/2015 and numbered 2015/63.

After some revisions, the currently valid directive was put into force by the decision of the University Senate dated 27.04.2016 and numbered 2016/51.